Welcome to My Blue Sunshine!

Hello Family and Friends,

My cousin, Janet, told me years ago to write a blog. Well, here I go!

As you most certainly know, I have had quite a bit to deal with in recent years. It has taken a very long time, with ups and downs, to work through trials, deal with them, and move on. With the help of my therapist, close friends, and my very supportive family, I have put one foot in front of the other and taken a day at a time.

For about 6 months now, I have decided I need to listen to the little voice inside me telling me to let go, move on. The little voice is also speaking to me and rejoicing when I create, photograph, write, see, and listen.  Letting go is so, so very hard. But I realized I must to be able to move forward to live with joy and happiness. Not that there won’t be hard times, but I believe I will be able to work through them in a different light (okay, my fingers are crossed behind my back…haha!). No really, I feel good.   I am taking time for me, recognizing I need time to myself, to rejuvenate, to contemplate, and to write. I can put things down on paper that I might not be comfortable saying out loud. I guess that’s the insecurity in me, but this is my way of sharing with you.

It all started with my growing interest in SoulCollage late last summer. Basically it is cutting images out of magazines, old books, calendars, etc. and collaging those images onto 5 x 8 cards. The images “speak” to you, and you journal about them. These cards can reflect the many aspects of yourself, your passions, your wishes, your trials, your triumphs. You can also create cards representing family, friends, people that inspire you, and even pets, or places you love. Sound strange, weird, too “out there” for you?  Well, it doesn’t matter. Think I’ve lost my mind? No, I think I’ve found it. It has started me looking deep inside myself, and figuring out who I am, and what I need to do to go on. And, who would have thought!! I have always torn pictures out of magazines (I have files of them), and cut flowers and images out of old calendars to use in collaging, decorating scrapbook pages and genealogy books. Now those images are helping me heal. The process for me has been truly healing, and started a conversation within my heart and mind. I am looking into becoming a SoulCollage facilitator so I can share this experience with others that might need the same outlet to find their way.

Rebecca Created December 2014

Created December 2014

Into the Garden, The Gardener Created February 2015

Into the Garden, The Gardener
Created February 2015

Still Blue After All These Years Created September 2014

Still Blue After All These Years
Created September 2014

Mother Teresa Created March 2015

Mother Teresa
Created March 2015

Mary Engelbreit Created March 2015

Mary Engelbreit
Created March 2015

Surrounded by Grace created February 2015

Surrounded by Grace
created February 2015

Then, although I have always loved nature, and felt in tune with my surroundings, I have been more and more drawn to the little things I see day in and day out. I see the sunrise each day on my way to work and thoughts start racing through my mind. The blossoming trees, the birds in the sky, even the smile on someone’s face in the grocery store have all caused me to think about what I’d like to say about them. I’ve been basically journaling in my head for a few months now. So why not literally write it down? So, I’ve been putting some of this “mind journaling” down in writing. Some are short and more of a thought. Some are more involved. My photography takes a large part of this, too. I am very visual, and I think that a picture of what I am talking about just adds to the whole experience. I’ve been reading what I’ve written and thought, maybe I should share some of this with others. I inspire myself. Maybe I will inspire you. I write when the spirit moves me, or when I make the time to sit down and concentrate on it. I tend to go on sometimes, so forgive me. Read what you like, skip over what you don’t. I welcome comments or thoughts of your own. However, I prefer only positive comments. No negative or snide remarks, please. I do welcome your opinion or point of view. But if you don’t agree with what I say, let’s agree to disagree. Let’s not debate, just share. I try to choose my words carefully, and do not wish to offend anyone. It is my hope that my words might make you think, spark a fire, start a conversation; my photographs might make you smile and put you there in the middle of my story.

Vinca and Yellow wood sorrel (Sour Grass) along the dry creek bed at Penitencia Creek Park. Photographed March 13, 2015

Purple vinca and yellow wood sorrel (Sour Grass) along the dry creek bed at Penitencia Creek Park.
Photographed March 13, 2015

Have a sunny day! Laura

One thought on “Welcome to My Blue Sunshine!

  1. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Laura I am so happy to read this. I know you have the capacity for great joy. You have always been so generous, and I think finding a way to continue your generosity through sharing your talents and thoughts will bring you to your best self. I am really thrilled to tears for you. I always tell my art students that bravery is the most important quality in expressing oneself through art. Well, here you are! Much love and best wishes on this journey.


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