Mixed Media

March 12, 2015


As far back as I can remember I’ve always done something creative. More recently, I’ve discovered that it is not just a whim, or something I decide to delve into one day. Being creative is a part of who I am and a process I need to include in my daily activities. Whether it is as simple as writing in my journal, planting a flower, or looking through a magazine for images or ideas, to more involved pursuits such as working on a family newsletter, working on genealogy or scrapbooks, creating a new SoulCollage card, finding a new craft to try, or deciding to rearrange or redecorate a room in the house.

Recently, I took a class on mixed media journaling. This is something I have been wanting to do for quite a while. I attempted some on my own last spring, and it turned out okay, but I needed some tips on techniques and what materials work best with other materials. So, I took the class. I loved it! It was nice to know which medias work best with each other, and which ones will resist others. I created a couple of pieces. I was amazed at what I had done. The first one was so totally me (below). The second not even close, but I wanted to try something different and in colors I am not necessarily drawn to.

"Bird and Butterfly" created February 22, 2015

“Bird and Butterfly”
created February 22, 2015

So I decided to try again at home and see what I could create with what I had lying around.  The first piece, Create, was fabulous. I just loved it.

"Create" - Mixed Media created February 27, 2015


The second piece, Light and Love, (a two page layout in a journal) was even better. I really, really loved it and could say, “Wow! I did that”!




…. and Love”

The following piece was not so wonderful, but it taught me that I prefer lighter backgrounds, and not to use an image that is in the same colors as the background. It blends in too much and doesn’t “pop”. However, after working with the mixed media techniques over several days, I made a little discovery of my own. I learned that although I love mixed media, it might not be something I do a lot of. Hmmmm. Could it be because I did a few that were great and then one I didn’t like? I can be a perfectionist (haha!). Am I giving up because that last one didn’t turn out how I wanted it to? I’ve thought about it and I don’t think so. It is fun and I enjoyed it, and I’m not saying I will never do it again. I just think it might not be calling to me as much as other creative outlets are at this point in time. Who knows, one day I might wake up and be inspired and get the paints and stencils out and create something wonderful!

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