What? Where? When?

March 18, 2015

Okay, so I get to the kitchen and forgot why I was going there. I’m in the shower, and forgot if I just washed my hair. Did I just take my medicine? I’m having a conversation with someone and forget what I’m saying. It’s just gone. Poof! I make lists and write little notes to remind me to do things, but I forget to look at the lists, or put them somewhere and forget where they are.

Does this sound familiar? Well, it’s scary sometimes, very frustrating, and after a few days, might make you laugh…. if you’re not crying! You’re not alone.

I’ve been having this little memory problem for a few years now, and it seems to be getting worse. I recently talked to my doctor about it, and she said it is very common. I know that, but how can I fix it?? Well, you can’t. Do word puzzles, exercise, keep active, take B12. She said you need only worry when you forget how to do things. Like wash clothes, brush your teeth, turn on the oven, etc. Okay, so I’m not there yet.

We are so busy these days, trying to juggle jobs and families, activities and hobbies, our brains just can’t keep up, especially as we get older. Well, I wonder, did women in the past experience the same thing? Hmmmm. Are modern conveniences, computers and cell phones, and trying to keep up with the Jones’ making us nuts? Something to think about. Should we slow down? Live more simply? At the very least, we need to take time to rest and rejuvenate. Then we can get back out there and start all over!

"You Are Not Broken" by artist Kelly Rae Roberts

“You Are Not Broken”
by artist Kelly Rae Roberts

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