The String

March 25, 2015

Remember when your mother used to tell you to sit up? Stand up straight? Well, I do. As I am getting older, I’m realizing I slouch! Even when I walk, I’m not holding my head high.

One day, months ago, I was walking and had a thought. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining on me, the flowers were saying hello, the birds were singing away. I was thanking God for the blessing of the day, and stood a little straighter. Lots of things were going through my mind; gratitude, the sky, trying to push personal troubles away, the sound of the birds. All of a sudden I imagined a string attached to the top of my head gently lifting me up. What a lovely thought! The spirits above were pulling for me.

I try and remember this when I am walking. When I find myself with my head down, maybe thinking a bit too hard, I feel that string pull me up. It is an amazing feeling. A feeling of oneness, of support, of strength.

Let me paint you a little picture of my “string”. I don’t see it as a rope, or a piece of twine. My string is an invisible thread that is stronger than you can imagine. If I could see it, it would be glistening. I believe little sparks fly from it when it has to work a little harder. I wonder who is on the other end sometimes. Is it an ancestor, is it someone I’ve lost recently, is it God himself? No matter who it is, I am thankful they are there when I need them.

I bet you we all have those “strings”. You may just need to acknowledge and honor its presence. Everyone’s strings may be different. They may come in the form of prayer or meditation. They may even come in the form of a giant metal chain (very manly). Whatever your string may be, use it. It’s there. Smile when you walk. Hold your head high. Know someone is always looking out for you. Be thankful every day for this tremendous blessing.

the heavens

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