April 28, 2015

My “C” word is definitely, Create. I think I have mentioned before that I have to do something creative almost daily. Anything from working on a project on the computer to setting a new plant in just the right spot in the garden, to framing one of my photographs of flowers, makes me come alive and honor my true purpose here on earth…. other than being a mother, of course!

I enjoy the thought process, the research, the doing, relishing in the finished work (most of the time-you know me, the perfectionist), and often sharing it with others. Ah, that’s the point. God has given us all talents, and those talents are to be shared with others. I know, some of us might be embarrassed, or feel that it would be too weird to say, “Hey, look what I can do!” But, what if someone needed help with something that they were not blessed with the knowledge or creativity to complete? What if you did have that talent? What if you could help them out with it? Wouldn’t that be wonderful… for both of you? You see, blessings come to those that receive, but more importantly, to those that give. There is no better feeling than helping others and sharing with them your talent.


Okay, so I’m getting into other words that don’t begin with “C”; talents, sharing, service. But my “C” word is Create. I have the passion to be creative, and I am honored to share my creativity with others.

I love to research stuff on-line. I love to find new ideas, beautiful images, quotes, and stories. I find these things because someone out there is sharing it with the world. I am so very grateful to them for this. It’s great to share ideas with others, whether in your own little circle of family and friends, or out there in cyber space. How many of us have used an idea we’ve found on Pintrest? Just about everyone I talk to does. Ideas for parties, weddings, crafts, recipes, gardening, art, etc. all can be found with the click of a button. How about magazines? How about HGTV or the cooking channel? How about getting together with friends and sharing ideas, or going to a class together?

So, go forth and create! It doesn’t have to be perfect (haha!), just do it!  Don’t have the talent to create?  Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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