Congratulations, Sawyer Fredericks!

May 20, 2015 Rebecca and I watched the final live performances and finale this afternoon of The Voice (we had it recorded from last night).   We both love Sawyer and have been voting for him (the first time ever we have voted). I love his voice, his music, his smile, the sparkle in his eyes, and the utter joy that exudes from him when he sings. His singing moves me, and I am thankful that he is sharing his gift with the world.

Sawyer won The Voice!! I am so happy for him. His parents looked so proud, and he looked truly joyful with his parents on stage as he sang his encore performance of “Please”.



I can’t wait to buy his first album! If you’re not familiar with him, you have to check out his music on iTunes. Just had to share my happiness for him!!



150413_2858690_Sawyer_Fredericks_____Imagine__anvver_1 PS.  I think part of the reason he touches me so is that he reminds me a bit of Michael…

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