What a Splendiferous Day!

June 3, 2015

I woke up this morning after a difficult evening yesterday, and what a lovely day it is. I pulled a card from my thought jar and this is what it said…

“What a splendiferous day it is!”

I had never heard this word before today. And do you know, it’s a real word!! What a great word. Like Serendipitous, Diaphanous, Phosphorescent, Effervescent, Epiphany, Felicity, Gossamer, Opulent, Enchanted, Incandescent, Radiant, Serene, and many more. Do you have a favorite word?

I snapped this picture at work yesterday while I was walking across the parking lot to our other building. You never know where you will find a tiny piece of beauty throughout your day.    Pay attention!!

Blossoms in the parking lot

Blossoms in the parking lot

A rejuvenating stop!

A rejuvenating stop!

After sending out the blog on my parent’s anniversary, wishing Judi a happy birthday, and sending thoughts to Bobby, I realized today is also our dog, Bella’s, 10th birthday! Yes, time does fly by. I remember the day I brought her home when she was just 8 weeks old. She was so tiny she curled up right in my lap on the way to the pet shop to pick up a few things. When the kids came home, they were so surprised!!

August 2005

August 2005

Bella was just what they wanted. Michael had wanted a Beagle (he loved Snoopy), and Rebecca wanted a Chihuahua. Well, when I heard the puppies at the park were part Beagle and part Chihuahua, I knew it was meant to be. I had to bring her home. She is the best dog a family could have.

Happy Birthday, Bella! June 3, 2015 in the backyard

Happy Birthday, Bella!
June 3, 2015 in the backyard

Have a sunny, splendiferous day!

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