F is for Family!

family-word-images-FAmIly_Joseph-Conti-Images-Digital-ScrapbookSeptember 29, 2015

My word for the letter F is Family. Family history is also very important, and something to treasure. Everyone has a family, and most are blessed to be a part of one. Some families are traditional, some are not. The traditional family is mom, dad, and the kids. But there are so many other situations and types of family. Whatever you call your family is right for you. My own family is not what I expected. From the time I was quite young, I wanted only to be a wife and mother. Honestly, I wish I still was, but life has a way of changing things. People have a way of changing things.

Family is what you make it!

My immediate family is my daughter and me, my son (although estranged, is still my son, and always in my heart), our dog, Bella, my parents, and my brother and his partner.

I am blessed to have a large extended family, on both sides, with aunts, uncles, and cousins. Some live nearby and some live in other states. My Girl Scouts were also part of my family, and although we disbanded and haven’t met up for quite a while, I still consider them my girls and will always think of them and wish them well. A few close friends and their families are also a part of mine.

Family is What You Make It

I would be lost without my family. Most of us would, right? Just as there are all kinds of families, there are all kinds of people. Some people desire family to be close and available. They wouldn’t dream of moving away from each other. Some people are very independent and can live across the country, or across the world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their family. Some families have good relationships, some don’t. Some are strained. Some make you crazy. Mine can sometimes make me crazy, but in the end, I know they love me, support me, and are always there if I need them. In turn, they know I would do anything for them, too.

My daughter, Rebecca, is the light of my life. She’s also a dear friend. I am so happy she likes to talk and share her thoughts. I’m a pretty tough mom, but we laugh, love, and work together. She’s sixteen now, so things are changing a bit; a little more attitude, a little more sarcasm, and way more eye rolls. But she is a fantastic student and works hard. I know she will go on to do great and wonderful things.

If I had one day to do anything I wanted with her I would wait for winter, light a fire, and watch movies.

My son, Michael, is the little light that burns in my heart, “to infinity and beyond”. I hear little about him, but know he is safe. He works and is in his second year of college. He has not had good health, but I know God is watching over him and the angels are fighting hard to open his heart.

If I had one day I could do anything I wanted with him I would listen, hold him, and not let go.


My dad, Bill, is a tough cookie. He works very hard, often too much and too long. He would do anything for us and most often does. He is stubborn, generous, and a perfectionist. He is half Italian and half Scottish. Quite the combination in temper and humor. He is a jokester, too. Always trying to be funny. Always making up a good story. I worry about him, just as much, or more, than he worries about me. I cannot imagine my life without him.

He was born in San Jose, was an average (to low average) student, worked in the canneries in his youth, and took over the corner business where his grandparents and parents began. Although he did not do too well in school, he is brilliant and can do just about anything (so my son said many years ago). He ran an auto repair and gas station, and then a towing business for over 40 years. He retired only because of his health, otherwise he’d still be called at all hours for tow. If he’s not working on his cars or his building, running an elderly couple around, or doing something for someone else, he can be found watching a game, or sleeping in his chair in his “museum”.

If I had one day I could do anything I wanted with him I would sit with him, listen to his story, and write it.

My mom, Georgia, is a generous and service minded person. She is active and involved in church, currently serving in the Relief Society. She coordinates the monthly ladies meeting and dinner. I enjoy helping her with ideas and sometimes attend those Tuesday nights she might need a little extra help. She is frustrated she can’t do everything she would like at times, but knows to take it easy and that tomorrow is another day. She enjoys genealogy and volunteers once a week at a local LDS genealogy library. She has taken over my passion for it and has taken what I discovered years ago and flown with it. It’s amazing how much things have changed and how much more information is available at the click of a mouse. She is currently working with one of my dad’s cousins on the Italian side of the family who has recently discovered more family members! It’s very exciting.

Mom was born in Utah, and moved to California as a young teenager. She’s pretty much all “white girl”, as I call it; of English, Scottish, Welsh, decent. She met my dad downtown when she was younger than my daughter is now. I could not imagine! They were married just as she was to graduate from high school and celebrated their 55th anniversary this past June. Mom loves her grandchildren, and is always there to help. If she’s not working on genealogy, scrapbooking, ideas for DUP or Relief Society, pruning the multitude of flowers in the yard, she can be found in her chair in the living room, reading or watching her taped shows on television.

If I had one day I could do anything I wanted with her I would get caught up on genealogy and do lunch.

My brother, Willy, is smart and penny wise! He has always been a saver (keeping the change was one of his sly MOs). He’s worked since his young adulthood and after graduating college went on to bigger and better things. He’s done so very well, he currently works only three days a week saving the rest of his time for working around the house, meeting up with friends, or traveling up to his cabin. He’s traveled around the world to places like Australia, Japan, England, South America/Mexico, as well as within the United States. He and his partner, Jon, have taken many trips around the west, and are trying all the National Parks they can. Next year it is off to Olympic National Park!

Willy is intelligent and I go to him often for advice. His memory is amazing, although sometimes I wonder if he’s really making those stories up!! He’s been there when I need him and he loves and supports Rebecca, who, in turn, knows she is loved. He loves to work in his yard, cook, remodel his house, quilt, party, and travel. Did I mention Halloween? He’s been big on Halloween since he was very young. From a small front porch display at our house in the early 70’s to bigger displays on the front lawn and driveway, to years later even bigger house-filled parties designed by Jon, Halloween has always been big in our family.

If I had one day to do anything I wanted with him I would go up to Lake Alpine with snacks and tubes.

That’s my family! If I did a blurb about all of us, you’d be here forever! Maybe I can highlight others at a later time. Hmmm. That could be embarrassing for them…..

Your family is very important and time spent together should be a top priority. Open communication, the ability to resolve problems, listening, teaching and learning are all necessary, especially with children and youth. Activities and doing things together are a must. I’m finding it tough right now as Rebecca is spending more time alone. Homework and time spent de-stressing are very important to her, but we still try and find time to do a few things together. I will soon find out that letting go is also part of being a family. The time is flying by.

From my perspective, I don’t understand a lot of what is going on in the world. Why are children and youth being exposed to so many negative, violent, and inappropriate things? Who all of a sudden said it was okay? To my deepest sorrow, even my own daughter says “that’s just how it is”, “everyone does it”. We talk at length about this. No, that is not how it should be. No, not everyone does it. Is it any wonder why so many young people are straying? I look around and see parents that don’t care; parents that scream at their children in public; parents that use foul language around and with their children; parents that allow their children to see inappropriate movies and play inappropriate games. I see so many people with their heads bowed down to their cell phone. Not paying attention. Not seeing the world around them. I see a growing attitude of entitlement amongst youth and young adults. Do we really need the latest and greatest electronic device to survive? Maybe I’m just getting old.

Not to say that there is not a world full of amazing, compassionate, giving youth. I am just concerned about the atmosphere our children and grandchildren will be living in.

I guess it all comes down to love. It all comes down to wanting the best for your family. Looking ahead and wanting a world of love, goodness, and peace for them. There will always be evil, but only we as a people, as children of a greater being, can keep the goodness alive; keep it going for future generations. In reality, we are all one big global family.

To my family and to yours; reach out to each other. Love, support, encourage, and be there for each other. Make time for them. Want a better world for them. Make it a better world for them. Be an example.

Others may follow!


3 thoughts on “F is for Family!

  1. William Campbell says:

    I just sat down and went through the emails.  I found that I had missed the most important one.  I guess your dad opened it and I thought I had read it.  YOU ARE AMAZING.  I loved every word you wrote and just sat her and cried with pride, sadness, and most of all happiness from your words.  I was surprised that Jon was not there but I guess you meant for just our family.  Love You lots. MOM   From: My Blue Sunshine To: campbellbg@sbcglobal.net Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 5:01 PM Subject: [New post] F is for Family! #yiv9879890775 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv9879890775 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv9879890775 a.yiv9879890775primaryactionlink:link, #yiv9879890775 a.yiv9879890775primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv9879890775 a.yiv9879890775primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv9879890775 a.yiv9879890775primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv9879890775 WordPress.com | mybluesunshine posted: “September 29, 2015My word for the letter F is Family. Family history is also very important, and something to treasure. Everyone has a family, and most are blessed to be a part of one. Some families are traditional, some are not. The traditional famil” | |


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