Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello again!

It has been awhile, but I feel the need to write.  Looking in my own yard and neighborhood, and driving around, I see the beauty of fall.  And the rain!! Oh, how we have needed it so badly.  The hills have a green hue to them, the lawns are greening up.  Even the lawn in my backyard is coming back to life.

I am so very thankful for the crisp, clean air; the beautiful leaves glowing in the morning sun as I start my day, then again in the afternoon as the sun begins to lower in the sky; and the seedlings and bulbs that have lain dormant for months as they begin to emerge.

How is your Fall Bucket List going?  Did you make one?  I’m enjoying my list and know it’s perfectly okay if I don’t get to them all.  I have visited a pumpkin patch, stomped on leaves, spent a day at the beach, went to the Alden Lane Quilt Show, decorated the house for Halloween, went to the homecoming game at Rebecca’s high school and watched the 50th anniversary fireworks, made squash soup, found tons of acorns, held my first SoulCollage(R) workshop (more on this later), and in my search for the most beautiful leaf ever, I found more than I can count!  Speaking of the leaves, I have been reveling in them this year.  Perhaps it’s the rain, perhaps it’s the cold spells we’ve had, but the leaves this year are just gorgeous!  I am blessed to work right across from a park that is ablaze with color.  Driving in and out each day I go slowly to take it all in.  One day I even had to pull over, get out, and take a few pictures.  I only had my cell phone, but I think some of them came out pretty well.

Below are a few from my own yard…  The wisteria is turning colors and the Japanese Maple in the backyard has decided to give us some color this year, too!  Generally his leaves just turn brown and fall.  And a special treat, many of my lavenders are in bloom and ready to be harvested a second time!

I hope this finds you well, joyful, and in anticipation for the upcoming holidays!  I am, and I’m ready to get in the attic and take down the Christmas décor.  It’s never too early, you know!  Well, okay maybe not as you take the Halloween decorations down.  But with the cold days and the need for some magic, I am looking forward to sparkling lights and sweet music!

Wishing you a Thanksgiving Day filled with family and friends, and gratitude for all that surrounds you.

On Friday, let the Christmas Season begin!

In gratitude for those that touch my life,


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Sally Williams says:

    Dear Laura,

    I am so thankful for you and all your wonderful reflections. Even though I don’t always respond to what you have written, I am inspired by what you have to say.

    Frank and I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Sally


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