Green, Green, and more, Green!

March 11, 2017

Such a wonderful day!  I had signed up to take a Fairy Door making class at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore.  You really should check them out.  It is an amazing place and a wonderful experience!

It was a bright, sunny day, and the drive was spectacular.  As I drove closer to the foothills, the green began.  The hills were that vivid spring green you only see for a short time each year.  The sky was so clear and blue it looked like you could reach up and touch the top of them.  I felt so much awe, and was filled with so much gratitude.  I opened the top of the van and turned up the music.  The sun on my head and the wind in my hair felt glorious.  Yellow mustard flowers were everywhere, and patches of sunny orange poppies were spread here and there.  Cows and horses were grazing, and flocks of blackbirds were flying low and resting on the barbed wire fences along the road.  I love, love, love the song of blackbirds. You’ll have to imagine the scenery, or take the drive yourself as I couldn’t just pull over on the freeway to take pictures…. not that I really, really didn’t want to!

As I got off the highway and turned onto the road to the nursery (Vallecitos Road), I spotted two deer in the shady grass amongst some trees and then a few wild turkeys!  I arrived at the nursery to find vintage bathtubs filled with bright yellow daffodils, and even in the parking lot!  And as I walked through the passage way to the back, a multitude of colors and scents touched my soul.  Flowers truly speak to me.

Well, when I asked where to go, I was directed to the kid’s art area, and I thought, uh-oh.  When I got there, there were a few women wandering around.  I think we were all worried we were a little too old 😊.  But as it got closer to the beginning of the class, there were many women, and a lot of young people, too, in attendance.  Whew!

The class was held under a huge, gnarly oak tree.  I snagged a spot in some shade and proceeded to “create”.  It was fun so now I have ideas to make them on my own… just in case I need any more.

20170321_170442 - Copy

I, of course, strolled around the flowers, and under the trees.  It’s like heaven.  I did go home with a few flowers I couldn’t live without.  But I forgot to get this one!  I saw it when I walked in, but forgot all about it.

Isn’t is gorgeous?

20170311_125528 - Copy

The ride home was just as lovely.  The sun was lower in the sky, so the color of the hills and sky were vastly different.

Again, I really, really wanted to pull over!


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