Rich’s Bulb Garden 2017

March 19, 2017

I visited Rich’s garden today!  It was a little cloudy, but it was supposed to rain next week and I wanted to take some pictures.

It was just beautiful as it always is.  Most of the daffodils were still in bloom, and lots of tulips, anemones, and ranunculus.  There are still some waiting to open and show their faces.

There were a lot of visitors in the time I was there.  Yes, I was there quite a long time taking pictures!

Here are a “few” pictures I’d like to share…






I’m going to try and go by again sometime this week hoping for more blooms, and more photos!  If I do, I’ll share.  If you live in the San Jose area, and want to check it out, he has his garden open through the 26th, from noon to 5pm each day.  The address is 850 Gateview Court, San Jose, 95133.  You can check his website for more information.  He’s quite a character with a lot of talent.


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