Truth Cards, something new!

March 12, 2017

Another class!  Today I went to a class in Manteca (long story) to see what Truth Cards are all about.  I recently registered for the Brave Girls Symposium 2017 I will be attending in July.  One of my favorite artists, Kelly Rae Roberts, will be speaking. I watched her speech from last year, and I could so closely relate to her story.  I want to hear more. 

Anyway, after registering for the symposium, I checked out the link to the Brave Girls’ site, and from there I found a local facilitator offering a class I was very interested in.  Below is the description of the process:

Truth cards are beautiful little messages of love and truth that are written directly to our souls…telling us the TRUTH when we are tempted to believe words that are keeping us from believing the love and truth about ourselves.

You don’t need to be an artist to create Truth Cards.   Using inspiring collage art, some prepared messages, a little glue and some beautiful bits and pieces, you’ll create some personalized messages to your soul.

So, I drove to Manteca (which was the same route I took yesterday to Alden Lane – just a bit farther) and met Sheri and was welcomed into her home and amazing creative “studio”.  I was so happy I went.  Just seeing her space and how she had decorated it was worth the trip.  If you don’t know, I have changed my living room into my “studio” and have been making plans to jazz it up.


We spent some time talking about truths and lies, and how un-truths can damage our souls, which in turn can affect how we feel about ourselves and live our lives.  It is so important to be true to ourselves.  We were given five pages of written “truths” to go through, and choose the ones that speak to our truths. 

Once we had done this, we moved to a wonderful table to create cards to add our truths to.  Each of us were given 5 cards, but I only finished three.  No matter, I can work on the rest at home.

I really enjoyed the class. It gave me more ideas for creating and soul searching. 

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