What a whirlwind !

What a whirlwind !

June 17, 2017whirlwind_by_mdtartist83-d78ourh

Hello again.  It certainly has been a whirlwind of projects, celebrations, busy days, and change.  I am happy to be writing again!

Where do I start?  Perhaps from the beginning, make a list, then go from there.

1.       April 26th, Rebecca’s Senior Honor’s Night

2.    April 29th, Mom’s 75th Birthday Party in my garden.

3.    May 3rd, Rebecca’s ESUHSD Photography Show and Awards

4.    May 10th, Book signing event I organized for a client.

5.    May 18th, my “first” workshop this year!

6.     May 20th, Rebecca’s Senior Ball

7.     May 24th, Janet and Kalisha in town, a family picnic.

8.     May 25th, Rebecca’s High School Graduation

9.     May 26th, Rebecca’s Graduation Party

10.    May 27th, Mitty’s graduation, brunch, and a party.

11.      May 28th, Two graduation parties.

12.    June 5th 9th, Rebecca’s graduation trip to Universal Studios and Disneyland.

13.    June 18th, Father’s Day and the Morgan Hill Car Show (okay this is tomorrow).

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